This is my first introduction. Hope you will find out why I start to write blogs and keep a curious feeling to enjoy my story. And I really welcome you to leave your valuable comments for me. I believe that Like-minded people are always ready to share

Hi, there, I’m Steve Wu, a simple person who’s living in Guangzhou, China. I’m so glad that I’ve started to write my own blogs to record my life, my thoughts, my dreams, all of the things I want to tell the world. I think it’s worthy when I want to review my mind. And I hope this kind of personal blog will perform its functions in these aspects blow.


Boosting the improvement of the writing skill. As people know, It can help you think in English thinking mode and improve your ability to compose sentences when you pay all of your attention to write an article. Insight into the structure of sentences, use new words frequently which you’ve learnt, as well as new grammars will definitely raise the effect of reviewing what you’ve learnt. So, just keep thinking on a mind of challenging new things into writing a blog.


Recording some valuable things for me to reflect and get something new. As far as I know, Writing a blog is such an outmoded way and what the most popular current(2019) way is vlog via video to record life instead of character. The new way is practical and operable for the generally people. Wherever and whenever, easy to take a video as far as you’re holding a smart phone.

But I prefer the outmoded method or It’s more accurate to say that I’m just not good at taking a video. Well, I have to admit the advantages of the vlog, It’s such a convenient recording way. Maybe I will have a try one day, but not now. And I believe the value of character is irreplaceable. I hope that I can get something new while I look back on my blogs one day.


Helping someone who care about me to know me more. I’m always thinking it’s really tough to know someone’s mind. Especially after I lost my first girl who I want to get married with, I had started to find out what the wrong I did. I always told her, forbid to say breaking up, Just tell me what you want, and I will put all of my efforts to satisfied you. But At last, I found I really didn’t know what she was thinking~~~(Hoping my future half won’t angry with this paragraph)

Ok, It’s a sad story, and I don’t want to deep it up. What I want to say is, It’s really laborious to deep up someone’s mind, I know this kind of feeling, hence I don’t want to make someone who care about me to have this kind of feeling. I will display my thoughts as much as I could. Expect of my privacy, you will know all of mine.

To be continuous……