I have encountered a larger amount of issues in the construction of blog websites. Let me list of these issues and share the solutions I used to you. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Unable to access the nginx index page through public IP address.

When I use LNMP to establish the server, there is an accessory problem to the index page. But it is ok to run the command “curl” for testing the connection. Similarly, the status of the port 80 is “Listen”.  

 I guess there are three possibilities of what happened

The firewall blocked port 80

The service of nginx is not activated correctly, and regarding the status of activated connections 12297/nginx: master”, I have no idea what means of it.

The public IP address (the server is located in England) is restricted by Chinese network 

Cause of I’m not a professional programmer, so the most efficient way for me is to rebuild the server on LAMP. And it did work.

The installation process was stopped cause of unable to connect to the MySQL.

When I rebuilt the server by Ubuntu 18.04, everything was OK. But while I upload the site code to access the index.php page for establishing connection of mysql, there was a connection error of database happened. I had researched some solutions to try to solve the problem, some approaches like making sure the username and password of database are correct or making sure the database operation permission of user you’ve chosen have been granted, but it didn’t work.

I guess the reason is version compatibility between MySQL and ubuntu. But I had not did more researches about this problem.

As I did in solution of Issue1, For the sake of efficiency, I rebuild the server to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS directly. And the issue was solved by this way.

Fail to transfer data by FTP service

As you know, we usually upload or download the files of server through XFTP, but sometimes you need to use the FTP service which comes from sites itself, like If you want to download something directly from WordPress themes or plugins, you need to setup the FTP service. But even though you think you have made sure the username and password correctly, it still didn’t work at most of the cases.

In this case, you need to grant the I/O permission of FTP service. 

Add the code into wp-config.hph file and replace it with the wordpress code base.

define("FS_METHOD", "direct");   
define("FS_CHMOD_DIR", 0777);  
define("FS_CHMOD_FILE", 0777); 

The apache service suddenly down

If you want to remove your site repository to another folder customized, you can run the command below.

sudo mv wordpress/* /var/www/html/

But when I going to move the WordPress file to /var/www/html instead of /var/www/html/wordpress which is inconvenient for users to access with IP/wordpress, and I had made a mistake of moving the file on XFTP not terminal. Well, I have no idea whether it is the reason or not, but just after that, the apache service is down. 

I guess that maybe some configuration of the apache2 service had been deleted or modified unconsciously.

After trying to do something, I just gave up and rebuild the server again. I know it is not a good choice. @.@Whatever, the result is OK. And I think I have better to describe the approaches I had tried to solve the issue, which is 👇, and those approached didn’t work.

●Execute the same operation again, but do it on command, not manual operation on XFTP.

●reinstall the apache2 service

Finally, the installation of WordPress is done. And I can use it to post my blogs.

👏👏 🌹🌹